The Mill, San Fransisco

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What comes hand in hand with my love for interior design, is my love for travel and food. When I visit a new place and I find somewhere where those three things have come together in perfectly, I’m in heaven. I always make sure to ask people around me that have been to wherever I’m visiting for recommendations, and before my recent trip to San Fransisco, I spoke to my aunty, who recommended a small but mighty bakery and coffeehouse that prides itself upon TOAST. That’s right, toast. There’s something so simple and comforting about a good piece of toast and my most favourite smell in the world is the smell of bread baking. So from my aunty’s enthusiasm, I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.
And so, I dragged my boyfriend and his whole family to The Mill where we both over ordered and over-ate. The whole concept of this cafe is simple: Incredible toast, Incredible coffee. The Mill sells slices of toast that make the soft slices of Wonder Bread from your childhood look like water crackers. Its inch-and-a-half-thick slabs of doughy goodness are toasted and served with locally sourced butter and jams and other creative toppings. This really is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The sunbathed space itself felt relaxed and full of creativity from its local community, with high wood-beam ceilings, graphic wall prints, metal shelves and organic textures.
The Mill’s co-owner and toast-maker Josey Baker (yes, that is really his last name) said We take something very simple and try to nail every aspect of it… You’ve encountered toast a million times in your life, but this is the best you have had.” And I couldn’t agree more. 
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