Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sipping on my lemonade in sunny LA, I stumbled upon The Apartment by The Line. I had heard about this interiors space from various bloggers and design magazines, but it was only by chance that I had followed the pink tiled stairs off tree-lined Melrose Avenue that led up to the perfectly secluded apartment. The concept of The Line is a ‘shoppable’ mock apartment featuring goods that span the categories of fashion, home, beauty and art. These all come together in a carefully curated, minimal, serene and intimate space. The whole concept of the store made me think about opening up spaces and allowing rooms to merge from one to the next, whilst complementing contemporary furniture with vintage pieces.

With three locations, only a week later I found myself outside their Amagansett store eating ice cream; how lucky am I? And so, the photos below are from both their LA and their Hamptons homes. I hope they will persuade you to head over to their stores if you ever find yourself nearby.

Something I wasn’t aware of before is that you can make an appointment with them on their website to meet the designers and understand what inspires them, their ideas and their artwork. Neat, huh?

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