Summer magic

Saturday, June 17, 2017

We’ve always had the most beautiful French glasshouse at the back of our garden. It always looks so magical, winter or summer, with its twinkling lights and greenery. For my mum, it’s her a little place of happiness tucked away at the back of our garden where not only does she grow a mix of fruit and veg (that the insects usually get to before we do), but it is also her favourite place for small dinner parties. My mum is the most talented person I know with styling tablescapes and outdoor spaces. She loves to fill spaces with green and keep other things grey, black and white, throwing in pink peonies or lilacs little by little. I’m guilty of crashing her most recent dinner party to photograph the glasshouse for ahouselikeme because I just wanted to show you all how enchanting she’s made this little piece of Eden. There’s no better time than now while the sun goes down late in the day and we can really watch our gardens bloom!

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