Summer Blues

Friday, December 4, 2015


Autumn is slowly turning to winter but that isn’t stopping me from sharing this summer tablescape. Maybe I am just in denial that summer has passed, but hopefully this post will bring a little bit of sunshine back into your cold Monday morning.

I spent some time this summer in East Hampton, staying with my closest friends in a house that looked like it came straight from a story book. A highlight for me when staying in the Hamptons is always the myriad Hydrangea bushes around every corner. I don’t know what is so aesthetically pleasing about a mason jar filled with wild flowers or tea lights on a bare table against metal chairs, but somehow it just works!

A simple wooden table is perfectly complemented by picking a few handfuls of flowers straight from the neighbour’s garden…

ps. dish clothes as napkins work wonders




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4 thoughts on “Summer Blues

  1. Man kann jeden Tag etwas Neues hier lernen. Ich bin ein regelmäßiger für die meisten von denen Blogs, aber immer noch nicht um ein Paar von ihnen wissen.

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