Scandinavian Summers

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Guilty. The charge? Another summer tablescape. But I couldn’t help myself, they get me every time.

After a long day of Finnish play – cycling, baking, blueberry picking and sweating out toxins in the sauna – there was no better way to end the day than sitting at a dinner table out of a Scandinavian fairytale. It takes somebody else to remind you that simple is splendid. On the Finnish locals’ side, it was effortless. But for me, it was a design dream. Vintage white tablecloths, chrysanthemums and carnations, wooden baskets of Finnish bread and the colours of glass jugs filled with white wine and what we love to call ‘red juice’ organically complemented the setting so well. And not to mention the world’s best cinnamon buns! 

If you want to recreate this at home:

Glassware – Paul Nagel

Plates – Oka

Cutlery – Couzon

Tablecloth – a flea market find (Salo, Southern Finland)


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