Liberté, Budapest

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Budapest is famous for its long-established coffeehouse culture and from a design perspective, this was something I was really excited about. And so, we visited legendary cafes including Centrál and Hadik, still preserving the elegant traditions of this locally beloved type of hangout. Long ago, these cafés were crowded with the city’s most influential writers and artists, attracted by their comfortable environments that fostered creativity. Following in these footsteps came Liberté – Budapest’s very own ‘grand café’.

I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with this place from its playful atmosphere to its elegant interiors. Stylistically the café takes inspiration from American diners and this definitely shows but with a refined approach. I like to think that it was completely acceptable that I was running around the restaurant with my camera round my neck snapping away at everything and anything.

They had me at floral tiled floors, a glossy marble-topped bar and velvet chairs and then I got way too excited when I found the upstairs lounge area with the most beautiful fireplaces and massive billiards tables. The food was just as good as the inteiors – oh, and I forgot to mention the copper palm trees! Love.







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