Sunday, July 23, 2017

I’ve spent the past week in what looks like a dream doll house, a Gustavian home on the coast of Finland, with views of the Baltic Sea. I wrote a post last year on the dining room of Hermans, and this year I’m writing about the bedroom I stayed in. The house is very special with all its details coming together to form something so spectacular. From unique trinkets and pretty little objects to lime-washed floors and light-filled rooms, I was happy to call Hermans ‘home’ for the week. 

I’ve always had a love for Gustavian design, probably because I’m drawn to nature and subtle, calming tones. Everything comes together in a serene and understated way, while there is never a lack of grandeur with the addition of huge mirrors and crystal chandeliers. 

It is the attention to detail and ‘less is more’ approach that makes this bedroom such a delight. The interiors are all about warm greys and pure whites, floral wallpapers, French shutters and bed linen and endless paneled ceilings and floors. Take a look for yourselves and I promise you’ll want to bring a bit of Gustavian design into your own homes!

IMG_3936 IMG_3935 IMG_3934 IMG_3770 IMG_3769 IMG_3768 IMG_3766 IMG_3765 IMG_3764

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