Every Princess Needs a Castle

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hooray, it’s finally the weekend!

You may notice that I have added a new category to my blog – Sweet Things. 
If you know me well, when I am not obsessing over interiors, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen either baking or covered in cornflour, rolling out sugarpaste for my next creation. 
I grew up sitting at the end of my grandma’s kitchen table, watching her bake and learning sugar craft. After several years,I have taken it on and it has become a hobby that I treasure. There is definitely room for improvement and I still have a lot to learn…  And so, I thought it was only fitting to create this section on ahouselikeme, to share my cake designs and possibly a  few baking recipes…
It feels only right to start with my first ever sugarcraft creation – my little cousin Arielle’s 3rd birthday cake. She loves the colour purple and asked for a princess castle. A lot went wrong with this cake but it seemed to turn out alright and she was a very happy birthday girl!
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