A magical affair

Monday, October 24, 2016

I’ve always wished that I could have been a summer baby, to celebrate my birthday outdoors with the never-ending choice of garden parties, barbeques and fairytale dinners. But being a Capricorn, it’s just not possible in London, and so I tend to opt for the cozy option of fire-side dinners, tea parties or ice skating.

Now that you’ve read my sob story, I must admit that it really isn’t that bad! I actually get the best of both worlds: my best friend, you see, is an August girl. I always try to be with her and her family in the Hamptons over her birthday (it’s a hard life), a) because a long distance friendship takes two to tango, and b) because her birthday has become a sort of an annual event, getting better and better each year, with an ever-growing attendance rate.
This year her mum and sisters, the most creative team around, surprised us all with the best birthday yet. As we came back from Main Beach with the birthday girl, we arrived back to discover the most magical dinner in the front garden of their East Hampton cottage, surrounded by an abundance of tea lights flickering in the trees and accompanied by the best Mexican food-truck in town with a never-ending supply of mouth watering fish tacos. Pretty dreamy, huh? 
The tablescape wasn’t far off that from my Borrowed & Blue post, but just take these photos as a little inspiration to add candles and fairy lights to create something even more enchanting.
img_4309 img_4313
img_4223img_4204 img_4201
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