A love story: Blush Pink meets Copper

Monday, October 10, 2016

I’m finally flooding this feed with a little bit of autumn colour inspiration. There are some things in life that you look at and think ‘that’s a match made in heaven’. I mean things like grilled cheese on toast, hydrangeas on oak tables, marshmallows and fire pits and recently on trend; blush pink with a natural texture or tone. It’s an elegant, warm and cosy combo and if you throw in bit of copper or marble, I’m sold.

I think when you introduce colour to a space you have to be clever with textures and prints. Some bring out the best in a pop of colour and some can ruin it completley. I am usually drawn to deep, bold, jewel-like tones that can be complimented by soft textures and elegant finishes, or the complete opposite being a minimalist design approach, whith neutral tones and organic textures. When I think of blush pink I think of a little girls nursery but how elegant does it look when combined with natural textures and tones like marble and copper? If you’re a bit of a colour commitment-phobe (I used to be), consider adding an accessory or accent that makes you blush!








Images: Pinterest 

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